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Intuitive Readings
Susan Tower

Intuitive Readings

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Could you use some Intuitive Advice?

Susan Tower, a gifted intuitive, is known for her accurate, compassionate and empowering readings.

Susan will help you to understand the energetic patterns around your inquiry and give you empowering advice and practical steps to improve your alignment with your soul's desires. Susan has been an intuitive reader since 1990 and has done readings for thousands of people, always with a focus to empower others. She is widely regarded as an excellent intuitive reader and her intuitive art has been cherished for years. 

An Intuitive Reading can be of assistance to you in many ways: 

Clarification of Life Purpose

It is life affirming to align with your unique abilities and soul purpose. Susan is known for her practical advice in support of your heart's desire for a fulfilled life.

If you want a visual representation of your talents, strengths and guidance from nature, a Soul Painting is an excellent choice. If you prefer just a reading with this focus, book an hour Intuitive Reading and request it when your session begins.


Insight to Resolve Relationship Issues

Understanding the energetic dynamics of a relationship can help you see the situation from a neutral perspective, and that alone can be liberating. Susan is adept at describing energy patterns between people and often sees relationship issues connected to family patterns passed down for generations. Often, her assessment and intuitive insight opens a path towards resolution and resolve, with greater compassion for all involved. It helps to see the pattern, as we gain greater awareness, our navigation is more clear and self-empowered. For a supporting visual from this work, you can request 'Ancestral Healing' as the topic for an Intuitive Art Reading.


Understand Childhood Repetitive Patterns

Learn to break free of destructive patterns. Susan can look at your family's emotional paradigms from a lineage perspective; a viewpoint that can help you bring consciousness to recognizing it yourself. Being able to see a pattern from a neutral, 'isn't that interesting' perspective can be a profound beginning on unlocking its hold on you. Understanding the patterns can open the door to greater self-awareness and make it easier to make self-empowering choices in the future.
“In Susan’s readings, she tenderly honors how we can get stuck in ideas that have collected the weight of fear or worry, and her great joy is to gently assist in opening our mind and heart to new possibilities. She has vision, like a view from a mountain top, that she shares in such an inspired manner that one cannot help but to be swept up in fresh joy, laughter, hope and renewed enthusiasm! 
Karen Stuart, Lawrence, KS

Learn How to Listen to Your Body

Learn how to listen to what your body has to say and give voice to your body’s symptoms and unease (dis-ease). Susan is well-versed at facilitating an interactive process for you to experience greater self-awareness with your body. Susan will guide you and hold space for you to find your own insights, which may empower you to step towards healing in a way you hadn’t considered. For a session with this focus, book at least an hour for an Intuitive Reading and request the topic at the beginning of the session.  The process is both empowering and calming, and leads to greater self awareness and self love. (Please note: this is not a substitute for medical advice.)

Clarity to Accomplish Your Life's Goals 

Harness your potential! Do you have goals you're wanting to achieve but not sure how to proceed? Do you want something different but you're not sure what? An intuitive reflection of your creative potential and can help you see how you may be supporting or resisting your own inner pull to expand, and help you see a way forward.  Learn how to release your inner critic and step towards greater joy. To add a visual support, an Animal Totem Reading may be of assistance, as it will illustrate an ally from nature that is closely aligned with you.
“Susan, your intuitive gift is amazing! When I received my reading with you, I was moved to tears with it’s promise. You helped me see what was possible for me and how I was not fully aligned with my goals. It was amazing how accurately you described my strengths as well as what I was doing to sabotage things. You got me to understand that 'loving myself anyway' is the doorway to heal. Before that, I was trying to get rid of my bad habits. I have to say that that little change has opened up a gateway of new opportunities, including an offer to get back into music again, just like you said I would. I am in awe. Your intuitive reading is one of the best ones I've ever had!"
Jenna Abernathy, Milwaukee, WI

Inner Connectedness

Find connection to the world around you from a place of inner sanctuary and healthy boundaries. Learn to deepen your sense of safety and trust for yourself through honest self-reflection and self-love. Learn to deepen your own intuition and achieve greater clarity for major life decisions.

Reading Details

To Record your Reading (recommended)
If you are doing a regular phone call, Susan has an application on her iphone that will record it. She can send you a link to your email where you can download an mp3 audio file for a small additional charge of $5, that can be taken care of at the time of the reading. You can get it yourself from the App Store, it’s handy to have. It is called: TapeACall Pro and costs $9.99.

To Record a Skype call
Skype doesn't natively support call recording; however, some of their third-party developers have created applications that plug into your Linux, Mac, and Windows Classic for Skype clients to achieve this. Here is a link to their recommendations to do it yourself. There are several applications that offer free trials.

If you want Susan to record your Skype call and send you the link to download it yourself, there is a small extra charge of $10 for her to format it and send it to you. Susan will need to know this in advance to make sure she has it properly set up. 

Please note that No-Show missed readings can only be rescheduled for a $25 rescheduling fee. As long as you contact Susan AT LEAST 24 hours in advance to reschedule, she can work with you to find a new time that works for everyone without a fee. To re-schedule, the best way to contact Susan is by text (her cell # is given in the confirmation email ) the second best is a phone call and the third best is to send her an email at:
Thank you!

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