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Susan Tower

Intuitive Art Reading

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Do you have a goal or vision you would like help aligning with?

Susan can help you envision it and give you a perceptive reading of the energies around your query. 

Over the years, Susan has been asked to do many different types of intuitive art readings and blessings. Some examples are:
Career Alignment
Abundance Blessings
Relationship Harmony
Home Blessings
Fertility Blessings
Ancestral Healing
Just request what you want to focus on at the time of your reading.
Intuitive Art Readings with Susan Tower schedule for 1 1/2 hours
Select the date and start time for your reading from the pull down menus above.
"Susan, your intuitive art is like a portal through which encouragement flows. I have felt so much clearer moving forward in my life after having had a reading with you. I love the image you created for me. I feel stronger somehow when I look at it."
Sherri Palmer, Grand Haven, MI

Could you use some guidance in shifting your career to something more fulfilling?

"I was feeling really overwhelmed and confused. All I knew for sure is that I hated my job. Susan helped me to define my skills and get in touch with my heart's calling... I was able to see how I have been holding myself back and then feeling trapped. She gave me many excellent suggestions and new ways to think about challenges as they come up. Since my reading, I have felt more confident and optimistic. I had to write my testimonial to you today, because I just got word, out of the blue, that I am being transferred to a different department at work. This alone is a huge boost, as it will get me away from several negative people in my office. I know that seems random and like it could have happened anyway, but I really feel it is because I am learning to take my power back, and Susan's reading was very instrumental. "
Daniel Schlegal, Boulder, CO 

Could you use some help rebalancing old family patterns?

An intuitive art reading with a focus on ancestral healing can assist you to find resolution and resolve with ancestral patterns. 

This focus offers insight and messages about the experiences your DNA and familial lineage has brought to you. It benefits you by illustrating a template for resolution and resolve, and offers a new pattern of personal sovereignty over the trajectory of your lineage.

Is there an energy you would like to bring into your home?

An intuitive art reading for a home blessing brings in the guardians and energies of balance and harmony.

It includes a reading of the energy alignments of the location and the guardians of that land.
"I have your art in several rooms of my home. It is like they clear the energy in the room they're in."
Jeanette Baker, St. Joseph, MO

Intuitive Art Readings are multi-layered in meaning.

Each one tells a unique story for the person it was created for. Yours will look different from the samples shown because it will have your unique symbols. It is meant to live in your life as a reminder of your strengths and help center you with your highest self.

Ordering Details

Intuitive Art Readings by Susan Tower are either done as a 12"x9" pastel drawing on black charcoal paper or as a 16"x20" oil painting on stretched canvas. (Choose from the pull-down menu above.) For either one, the session with Susan takes about an hour and a half, and is done in person or over the phone. 
Select the date and start time for your reading from the pull down calendar, above. Skype or other video phone is best, if it can be arranged. Susan's Skype and other contact information will be in your confirmation email.
Susan will create your intuitive art drawing at that time and give you your corresponding reading. Once complete, your intuitive art drawing will be put into a clear, protective sleeve and shipped to you in a tube.
If you are ordering an oil painting, an image of the drawing will be shared with you. The drawing will be kept as a reference for the painting, and will be included when the final art is shipped. At the time of the reading, the expected completion date of the painting will be confirmed. 

Reading Details

To Record your Reading (recommended)
If you are doing a regular phone call, Susan has an application on her iphone that will record it. She can send you a link to your email where you can download an mp3 audio file for a small additional charge of $5, that can be taken care of at the time of the reading. You can get it yourself from the App Store, it’s handy to have. It is called: TapeACall Pro and costs $9.99.

To Record a Skype call
Skype doesn't natively support call recording; however, some of their third-party developers have created applications that plug into your Linux, Mac, and Windows Classic for Skype clients to achieve this. Here is a link to their recommendations to do it yourself. There are several applications that offer free trials.

If you want Susan to record your Skype call and send you the link to download it yourself, there is a small extra charge of $10 for her to format it and send it to you. Susan will need to know this in advance to make sure she has it properly set up. 

Please note that No-Show missed readings can only be rescheduled for a $25 rescheduling fee. As long as you contact Susan AT LEAST 24 hours in advance to reschedule, she can work with you to find a new time that works for everyone without a fee. To re-schedule, the best way to contact Susan is by text (her cell # is given in the confirmation email ) the second best is a phone call and the third best is to send her an email at:
Thank you!

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