Intuitive Artist, Susan Tower
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Susan Tower stands before Clava Cairns in Scotland
above, Susan Tower at Clava Cairns, Scotland

Susan Tower is a gifted intuitive whose spiritual art encourages our best expression and whose sacred site paintings give us access to the alignments of ancient sites.

Over the last 25 years, Susan Tower has become well known for her readings, intuitive art and her fascination for sacred sites around the world. 

photo of Susan Tower, intuitive artistShe has done over a thousand intuitive art readings since she began in 1990. Her intuitive art is unique and popular for it's usage of animal totems and messages from Nature and her intuitive readings are known for their compassion and accuracy.    

Susan has traveled to many ancient sacred sites and has painted on location at most of them. Powerful Earth energies move through each of these sacred sites and Susan's art is imbued with their healing energy alignments. 

Powerful energies of activation move through the ancient sites and are imbued within each image as I paint. 

Done on location, they open a portal, allowing you to connect to the gifts of each site through the painted image, without having to travel there.

About Susan

I am an artist, an intuitive and a writer who has been compelled to travel to sacred sites around the world for over 20 years. One of my greatest passions is to paint plein air (on-site) at these locations. I grew up in Michigan, riding horses and bicycles and being in nature every chance I could get. I went to college in Grand Rapids and earned a degree in Illustration in 1985. Upon graduation, I was hired by Hallmark Cards and moved to Kansas City, where I worked as a product designer for seven years. I stayed in Kansas City for 30 years, where I raised my daughter, who is now in college. In 2015, I fulfilled a life-long dream to live in a community in the country and moved to rural SW Colorado.  

Intuitive Readings and Intuitive Art

I began doing intuitive art readings in 1990, doing readings called Soul Paintings at metaphysical fairs throughout the Midwest. These are visual representations of the spiritual guidance I receive for each client. Each reading is like a personalized tarot card of their symbols of empowerment from the heart of nature.
For several years I read tarot at the popular Kansas City Renaissance Fair for six weeks at a time. I learn something from every person I read. It is a joyful process for me and I have done over a 1,000 readings since I began.

Sacred Site Study

I first became interested in sacred sites in 1985, when I joined a group of volunteers in Arizona (mostly Lakota) to help the Navajo and Hopi tribes with an issue over land rights. Out of gratitude for our assistance, we were taken to see ancient petroglyphs deep in Hopi land. There we were privileged to hear a shaman’s teaching about the symbols and the story of the petroglyphs at the site.
One story about one symbol related to the Hopi’s migration caught my attention and sparked me to research ancient cultures looking for evidence of it. To my delight, I eventually discovered it in the Celts, the Cathars of Southern France and many indigenous cultures around the world. To better interpret other symbols, I expanded my research to include indigenous cultures, mythology, sacred geometry, archetypes, and an extensive study of the symbolism within the tarot.
Another story that intrigued me was the idea that the survivors of Atlantis founded what are now known as ancient cultures. I was curious if I could find any evidence to support this idea, so I researched ancient civilizations and compared them, looking for possible evidence of advanced technology or other common root. I am not sure I found proof of Atlantis specifically, yet the mysteries I uncovered in my search have surprised and amazed me. They have set me firmly on the path to discover more.
I began traveling internationally in 1995 with a trip to several ancient sites in the British Isles. Since then I’ve revisited Europe several times, explored the sacred sites of the Southwestern U.S., and have traveled to South America to hike the Inca Trail, on the way to Machu Picchu, Peru.
I was at Standing Rock twice in the fall of 2016. I will be blogging about those experiences soon.