Intuitive Artist, Susan Tower
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Sacred Site Art

Take an adventure to the world’s most sacred sites through paintings done on location by intuitive artist Susan Tower.

Paintings of Sacred Sites by Susan Tower assist you to access the ancient mysteries and the uplifting energies at those locations. 

The images are like a window to the adepts who created them.
Do you remember?

Do you have a desire to connect with Earth’s sacred sites and ancient stories?

Do you want to live more aligned with the earth?

Discover hints of your own soul’s journey on the planet just by noticing which paintings draw you in for a closer look. 

Sacred Site artist Susan Tower paints plein air at Machu Picchu, Peru
Susan paints on-site at Machu Picchu, Peru.
Susan has over 50 paintings from sacred sites around the world and has created a prototype for an oracle deck which she has shared with many people. It is targeted for publication in 2018. Join her newsletter to stay up to date on the details. 
Oracle of Gaia sample cards by Susan Tower
Samples from 'The Oracle of Gaia' by Susan Tower
"It is fascinating to me how different people are drawn to different ones. Almost everyone I've shown the deck to is really drawn to one or two locations over all the rest."  

Each viewer brings their own interpretation of a sacred site through to their own life. The images you are drawn to may hint as to your own path on this planet long ago. 

As an intuitive artist, Susan Tower has received guidance to offer these sacred site images as a link to our collective past and to trigger memories of a time when humanity lived with technology in harmony with the earth. The alignments of the sites through her brush strokes done on location, give you your own access to the ancient secrets at these sacred sites. 
Join Susan's newsletter, "The Oracle of Gaia" (here) for stories and insights about these places.  When you sign up now, also receive a free screensaver of one of her sacred site paintings. 
Susan is creating an oracle deck of her paintings with a detailed book that includes the facts, mythology and her intuitive interpretation of each site. As she has time to write about them and prepare the paintings for reproduction, she will offer more prints for sale. Newsletter subscribers are always the first to know and get the best prices.
Susan Tower stands before Clava Cairns in Scotland
  Susan Tower, at Clava Cairns, Scotland on one of her trips to visit Findhorn.
Standing Rock in Sept 2016
Susan took this picture at Standing Rock, North Dakota last fall. She visited twice and has several paintings from her experience there that she plans to offer to her newsletter subscribers this year.